What You Need to Know

  • Secure all doors, windows and openings when you move into your new home.
  • Change all keys to all existing locks. Get a good locksmith and they can match the keys and you may save money on buying a bunch of new locks.
  • Cover all windows with blinds or curtains so no one can see inside while moving in.
  • Do not leave all the moving boxes pilled up outside for days.
  • Make sure all your smoke detectors work! You can buy one at your local hardware store. Make sure they have the 10-year batteries.
  • Check your local power company, as they sometimes sponsor a portion of insulating your home. Try to get the highest R rating (best insulation) you can afford.
  • Buy a programmable A/C thermostat so you can set the system to turn off and on only when you are at home.
  • Install ceiling fans in as many rooms as possible as they will help move the air around the house and also to regulate temperature at a low cost.